Thursday, July 2, 2009

Mugshots on TBT

We discussed in class during one of the guest speakers about the mugshots link on
I thought that it was really shady and in poor taste to put people on the Internet that had only been arrested and not been convicted guilty. I though that it was really bad idea.

However, now I nd myself going to instead of because of the fact that the mugshots are on the front page. I have always received the tribune growing up and am familiar with the writers that are frequently featured. However, I still find myself typing instead of every time i go to see breaking news or current events for school or pleasure. It's very revealing that I choose to go this website for the mere fact that i can't wait for the day that I see someone i know on there. Also, I think it's neat to see the people that are smiling from ear to ear as if they have accomplished something. It's almost surreal that we get to see this moment of shame in some one's life.

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